Turn websites into useful data

We help people to extract information using simple point-and-click toolkit

Dataflow Kit is Web scraping open source framework written in Go.


Data Extraction and Delivery Process

Open the web page

Behind-The-Scenes Headless Chrome browser is used for rendering JavaScript driven web pages properly.

Choose elements to extract data from using Visual Selector tool

  • Optionally check trim, UPPER, lower, Capitalize filters, Or build Regular Expression.
  • Choose paginator type from either "Next" link or "Infinite scroll" or "Load more" button.
  • Follow links and detailed pages processing;

Click on Data button to start data extraction

Crawler follows links and extracts the content from specified pages. CSV, Excel, JSON, or XML are available to store parsed data.

Open source

Dataflow kit is completely open source and we welcome all contributors who are interested in collaborating.

Whether you want to help with issues, coding features, releasing the project, scripting, tests, benchmarking, documentation, updating samples or share an information about Dataflow kit.

Please star DFK GitHub repository.